10 Best Earl Grey Tea 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Earl Grey tea has actually always been a prominent beverage among tea-lovers as a result of the one of a kind as well as revitalizing preference it has to use. Moreover, Best Earl Grey Tea has actually been medically confirmed to have several wellness advantages that you ought to not miss.

Best Earl Grey Tea

Nonetheless, regrettably, not every best earl grey tea is made equal. With a lot of blends currently available currently, it’s very easy to get a low-grade product that may trigger you to have a distaste for tea.

Do not stress if you do not know what to acquire. In this evaluation for the best Earl Grey tea, we will help you to uncover what would certainly make the very best tea blends for you.

Although Earl Grey was a traditional tea, it really makes an ideal favorite at any time of day! The enhancement of bergamot to black tea is what makes it a distinct, full-bodied, and revitalizing beverage with its one-of-a-kind citrus overtones and together with this, it provides us some benefits too. Black tea has actually been fairly well researched today and evidence shows that it can aid reduce several of our cardiovascular diseases and also stroke danger variables.

There are some minor issues around the extreme intake of bergamot, however, so in this post, we have a look at just how secure bergamot is as well as delving into the history of Earl Grey and also just how you can take advantage of this distinct brew in your day. We additionally assess several of the successful Earl Greys as well as consider what makes these your best Earl Grey tea choice.

Top 10 Best Earl Grey Tea Reviews

In this area of the evaluation, I will certainly be going into detail regarding each item. Particularly, I will highlight each product’s vital functions and checklist out their advantages best earl grey tea in addition to their drawback. Make sure to review the short article very carefully so that you’ll make a smart decision.

1. ​​Bigelow Earl Grey Tea

Highlighted Features
6 pack of 20 counts separately covered Earl Grey tea bags
The black tea has actually been hand collected
The natural bergamot oil has actually been sourced from Calabria in Italy
This fragrant Earl Grey is licensed kosher as well as is Non-GMO Project Verified

Made with handpicked black tea blended with all-natural bergamot oil from Calabria in Italy, the Bigelow Earl Grey is Non-GMO Project Verified and licensed kosher. This six-pack of 20 matter tea bags are separately covered for freshness as well as have been made in the United States.

Although this is a fragrant Earl Grey, some recent drinkers have discovered that this fragrance does not follow through into its taste. Some additionally think that the black tea itself does not have a real depth of body.

  • Earl Grey teabags.
  • GMO is totally free.
  • Kosher.
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • All-natural bergamot oil.
  • The black tea in this Earl Grey can lack the body.
  • Bergamot flavor may be also refined.

2. Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey

Highlighted Features
A box of 50 count Earl Grey tea bags
The black tea is sourced from lighter Indonesian teas as well as high-altitude southern Indian teas
Flavored with natural bergamot oil
These tea bags are Rainforest Alliance Certified as well as Non-GMO Project Verified

Made with high-altitude tea from the Blue Mountains in southerly India and also fragile and light teas from Indonesia, the Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey is additionally flavored with natural bergamot. Some consider that this is a lighter flavorful Earl Grey; lacking in bergamot taste, as well as it may also be dustier than other Earl Greys.

This comes as a 50 count box of tea bags that are not independently covered. This is Rainforest Alliance Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified.

  • Earl Grey teabags.
  • Indian and Indonesian teas.
  • Natural bergamot.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Jungle Alliance Certified.
  • Can do not have bergamot taste compared to various other Earl Greys.
  • Teabags can be dustier than other tea bags.
  • The teabags are not separately wrapped.

3. ​Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme

Highlighted Features
A 20 tea bag/sachet pack of Earl Grey in a tin
This Earl Grey contains a mix of four black teas and also tea silver suggestions
Seasoned with bergamot all-natural oil
Certified as kosher

The 20 sachets/teabag pack of Harney & Sons Earl Grey supreme exists in a recyclable tin. This Earl Grey is a four black tea blend, silver suggestions as well as natural bergamot.

This is a kosher licensed tea. The pyramid bags can be extra susceptible to dripping and also some drinkers have found that this is much weaker than comparable Earl Greys and also may lack bergamot flavor.

  • Earl Grey teabags.
  • Four tea mix.
  • Natural bergamot.
  • Comes in storage space in.
  • Kosher.
  • Can have less taste than other Earl Greys.
  • The pyramid tea bags can be prone to damage/leaks.
  • Bergamot flavor might be as well refined for some tastes.

4. ​​Ahmad Tea Aromatic Earl Grey

Highlighted Features
17.6 oz tin of loosened leaf Earl Grey
A mix of multi-origin black teas with bergamot flavor
Has a stronger and more scented bergamot taste
The manufacturer is part of the Ethical Trade Partnership

A 17.6 oz discussion tin of loosened Earl Grey, the Ahmad Tea aromatic Earl Grey is a multi-origin black tea mix with bergamot taste. The manufacturer is also a member of the Ethical Trade Partnership.

The bergamot in this is from seasoning instead of natural oil as well as this provides it a more powerful and even more perfumed bergamot flavor than other Earl Greys. This tea will certainly also come to be very bitter if leftover its soaking time.

  • Loose leaf.
  • Black tea blend.
  • Stronger bergamot flavor.
  • Honest Trade Partnership member.
  • The bergamot is seasoning rather than natural oil which might be too solid for some.
  • Will end up being very bitter if left soaking for also long.

5. ​​Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey

Highlighted Features
Three-way pack of 18 matter Earl Grey tea bags
Made with natural Assam which has actually been aged and organic Italian bergamot
Fair Trade, Non-GMO Project Verified as well as a licensed B Corp
A fuller-bodied and also robust brew with subtle citrus notes.

Made with aged organic and Fair Trade Assam and Italian organic bergamot, the Numi Organic Tea aged Earl Grey is a durable brew with subtle notes of citrus. This three-way pack of 18 count tea bags will require soaking for between 4 and also five minutes although some drinkers consider that despite the fact that this is an aged tea, it does still lack flavor.

This Best Earl Grey Tea is likewise a Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified B Corporation. There can be a danger of not getting the three-way pack – instead simply receiving one box.

  • Earl Grey teabags.
  • Aged Assam.
  • Robust brew.
  • All-natural bergamot.
  • Organic.
  • GMO complimentary.
  • Although an aged tea some enthusiasts may find it still does not have flavor.
  • Demands a much longer steep of up to 5 mins.
  • A threat of receiving one pack rather than a triple pack.

6. ​​Stash Tea Organic Earl Grey Tea

Highlighted Features
A full-bodied and also invigorating Earl Grey made from a blend of black and also green teas as well as bergamot oil
Blended in the United States the box contains 100 separately covered tea bags
Licensed as B Corp as well as Non-GMO Project Verified

Blended in the United States from worldwide group the Stash Tea Company natural Earl Grey is a blend of black tea, eco-friendly tea, and bergamot oil. The enhancement of eco-friendly tea will not provide the bitter taste that happens when it is soaked at the greater temperature levels of black tea. This Best Earl Grey Tea is gold-colored and also has a complete bodied and also stimulating preference which is not bewildered with the bergamot.

If you are utilized to drinking typical Earl Grey you might find that the enhancement of the green tea does offer a lighter brew which you might not be as keen on. This tea is additionally Non-GMO Project Verified and made by a B Corporation. This box has 100 independently covered tea bags.

  • Black as well as environment-friendly tea blend.
  • Earl Grey teabags.
  • Organic.
  • All-natural bergamot.
  • GMO cost-free.
  • Traditional Earl Grey drinkers may not be as keen on the flavor from the eco-friendly tea.
  • Will certainly provide a lighter brew than simply a black tea Earl Grey.

7.​Golden Moon Tea Tippy Earl Grey

Highlighted Features
Indian Assam, Chinese Keemun, and Yunnan tea blend with natural Italian bergamot oil
8 oz pack of pointer loosened tea
Free from any kind of GMOs this is additionally accredited USDA organic
The pack is resealable after opening and also it features a satisfaction warranty

Including all-natural Italian bergamot oil and also a three-way blend of Chinese Keemun, Yunnan, and Indian Assam, the Golden Moon Tea Tippy Earl Grey is certified USDA natural as well as is without any kind of GMO active ingredients. This 8 oz bag of entire leaf loose tea is available in a resealable pack.

Some have found the taste in this tea weaker than other Earl Greys which the bergamot oil may be a little also refined for some preferences. This likewise includes a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Suggestion loosened tea.
  • Blend of Chinese as well as Indian teas.
  • Organic.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Natural bergamot.
  • Has a lighter bergamot flavor than other Earl Greys.
  • Can give a weaker mixture.

8. ​​VAHDAM, Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Highlighted Features
16 oz pack of loose Earl Grey in a resealable pack
Blend of Indian black tea with all-natural bergamot
Has a floral, citrusy, and also bright taste
Features a complete satisfaction or your cashback guarantee

The 16 oz pack of VAHDAM Earl Grey loose tea is available in a zipper resealable pack. The Indian black tea is mixed with all-natural bergamot oil to give a brilliant, citrusy as well as the floral brew. This will certainly require steeping for in between three and also 5 mins for maximum taste.

This loosened tea may be weaker than various other Earl Greys and also although it does have a solid flower fragrance, this may not constantly come through in its taste. Although this pack is designed to be resealable, you can have some problems resealing it after opening up. The supplier likewise offers a contentment warranty with this tea.

  • Loose Earl Grey.
  • Floral, citrus, and also bright taste.
  • Indian black tea.
  • All-natural bergamot oil.
  • You may struggle to reseal the pack once it has been opened.
  • The taste can lack flower deepness.
  • Can be a weak mixture than other Earl Greys.

9. ​Mighty Leaf Organic Earl Grey

Highlighted Features
Three-way pack of 15 compostable pyramid tea bags/sachets of Earl Grey
Made with a mix of high-altitude Chinese and also Ceylon teas
Consists of all-natural bergamot essence
Kosher and certified organic

The Mighty Leaf natural Earl Grey comes as a triple pack of 15 compostable sachets/pyramid tea bags. The tea is sourced from high-altitude China and also Ceylon teas and also is seasoned with the significance of natural bergamot.

In addition to USDA licensed natural, this is likewise kosher. Older batches of this tea made use of to consist of jasmine essence and also some drinkers take into consideration that the newer tea without the jasmine has actually shed a few of its flavor.

  • Earl Grey teabags.
  • Chinese as well as Ceylon black tea mix.
  • Natural bergamot.
  • Organic.
  • Kosher.
  • Compostable tea bags.
  • Some enthusiasts are not as crazy about this newer Earl Grey which is now without jasmine essence.
  • Can lack deepness of taste.

​10. ​Teabox Classic Earl Grey

Highlighted Features
3.5 oz pack of loose Earl Grey tea
Includes costs, or orthodox Assam, to offer a full-bodied flavor
The Assam is flavored with pure bergamot extract
The manufacturing day is published on the vacuum cleaner loaded and also resealable pack

The loosened leaf Teabox Classic Earl Grey is made with premium Assam tea – denoted as a ‘received Assam’ and pure remove of bergamot. This offers a complete bodied, durable caramel-like, and malty flavor with a citrus twist.

This 3.5 oz pack of loosened tea was vacuum packed right into a resealable pack at resource the day of manufacture is also published on the pack. This is a stronger taste Earl Grey which may not be to everyone’s preference. This Earl Grey is best soaked for 4 mins in non-boiled hot water.

  • Loosened fallen leave Earl Grey.
  • ‘ Orthodox Assam’.
  • Vacuum packed at resource.
  • More powerful taste.
  • All-natural bergamot.
  • This completely flavored Earl Grey might not be to every person’s taste.
  • Ideal steeped in non-boiled hot water.

What Is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey tea is made from the leaves of black tea and is a special mix of tea and also the oil essence from the bergamot orange. Even though Earl Grey tea is meant to be drunk without milk or lotion, some stronger blends of Earl Grey are much better with the enhancement of lotion or milk.

What Is The Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea?

Boost Your Energy

Earl Grey tea includes a little dose of caffeine, enough to give you the power increase you need to remain sharp and also focus. In Addition, Earl Grey tea will certainly not offer you a caffeine accident like coffee.

Preventing Heart Disease

According to a study, drinking black tea daily can considerably decrease the degree of triglyceride as well as boost the level of great cholesterol and also anti-oxidants in the bloodstream. Thanks to this, the chance of cardiovascular disease will be sharply minimized.

Support the Digestive System

Earl Grey tea can additionally alleviate signs such as queasiness, colic, and also digestive system troubles. In addition, it can eliminate worm infection in your gastrointestinal system. Consuming alcohol tea consistently can also minimize bloating as well as make you feel lighter.

Aids Weight Loss

Earl Grey tea consists of bergamot or various other types of citrus fruits. The citrus essence in Earl Grey tea can reduce the fat and assist you to drop weight subsequently.

Relieving Stress

As mentioned above, Earl Grey tea will not offer you a high level of caffeine accident. As a matter of fact, thanks to its aromatherapy top qualities, it has calming results that can alleviate your level of tension while still provides you exceptional mental focus.

Preventing Cancer

When you drink Earl Grey tea, you’re absorbing a high level of antioxidants. These buildings can reduce the manufacturing of free radicals in your body, which are a significant original agent of cancer cells.

What Is The Best Brand Of Grey Tea?

When purchasing Earl Grey tea, you need to know what some of the most prominent brands are to ensure that you’ll make a sensible decision. Right here are a few of the very best brand names that supply the best quality, Earl Grey Tea:

  • Harney & Son
  • Davidson’s.
  • Stockpile Tea.
  • Twinings.
  • The Bigelow.

Things to Consider Before Buying Earl Grey

The origins of Earl Grey are somewhat cloudy. Lots of considering this tea were blended particularly for Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, that was UK Prime Minister between 1830 and 1834.

It is potential that he asked Richard Twining to design a new tea mix, as well as on sampling it he liked it right away and also place his name on it. One more tale is that a Chinese male talented the tea to him in 1803 when one of the Earl’s staff saved the man’s boy from drowning.

An Earl Grey was always a black tea, traditionally a blend of Indian and also Chinese teas, which was seasoned with bergamot. Today’s teas may be sourced from Africa too, every one of which alters the subtle tastes of the tea.

Teas from India often tend to have extra malty flavor, while Chinese teas can be great smoky, floral, or fruity. Ceylon tea is commonly made use of as a base for Earl Grey, which offers it a different flavor to the normal Assam base of an English breakfast tea.

Typically functioned as an afternoon tea, Earl Grey is in fact suitable to consume alcohol at any moment of the day as well as it is ideal for offering with spicier foods as its flavor matches the flavor. It additionally enhances the taste in lemon cakes and will certainly stabilize dark delicious chocolate tastes in recipes.

In France, an Earl Grey is typically combined with lavender flowers, while in the UK, a smokier flavor is preferred– lapsang souchong is typically made use of as a base for Earl Grey.

Girl Grey usually has Seville oranges and cornflowers in its mix and Earl Green is eco-friendly tea with bergamot. There are various other mixes of Greys such as a Rooibos Earl Grey or an Earl White which utilizes white tea as its base.

The Bergamot Orange and Flavoring Process

Bergamot or bergamot oil or bergamot crucial oil (BEO) is extracted from the skin of bergamot oranges – bitter orange as well as lemon hybrids – from the Citrus bergamia Risso et Poiteau. Natural bergamot will certainly have a sharp and also intense citrus flavor although this will vary depending upon where it has been cultivated and just how it has been refined. The majority of bergamot is grown in Calabria, Southern Italy et cetera in France or Turkey.

Synthetic bergamot can also be utilized to taste tea. The two major benefits of this are that it provides a constant as well as occasionally stronger flavor and is also secure to take in by those with citrus allergies.

The amount of bergamot utilized in Earl Grey likewise varies. There may be much more added so that the bergamot attracts attention versus the taste of the black tea, or less included to make sure that the much more fragile black tea flavors can come through.

Tea can be flavored with either bergamot oil or bergamot skin. The bergamot is contributed to the tea typically when the fallen leaves have actually dried – in the direction of the end of their handling. The tea may be mixed with the peel so that it has a pleasing look and the skin can flavor the tea. The tea leaves might be sprayed or covered with the remove or flavor; in this manner of flavoring uses fewer ingredients and has a tendency to add a more powerful taste.

Earl Grey Caffeine Content

Like any type of black tea, the quantity of caffeine will certainly differ depending upon the type of tea, whether loose or tea bags and the length of time it is brewed for. A cup of loose tea made for one min will include around 19 milligrams of high levels of caffeine however if left to brew for 5 minutes will enhance to around 31 milligrams. If an Earl Grey tea bag is utilized, after that the caffeine content lowers by about 10%.

Caffeine is able to obstruct iron absorption in the body, so additional treatment must be taken if you have low iron degrees. Consuming tea at the very least an hr after consuming will help any type of iron from your food soak up prior to you eat the caffeine.

Safety of Bergamot and Potential Drug Interactions

Bergamot is likely safe for a lot of us in the percentages that we eat. It is ‘usually recognized as risk-free’ by the FDA for consumption. It might be possibly harmful when used on the skin as it can enhance photosensitivity and make you a lot more vulnerable to sunburn.

Bergamot can likewise engage with medications such as amitriptyline, tetracyclines as well as levofloxacin, which boost sunlight sensitivity. Although this communication and enhanced photosensitivity are most likely from uses bergamot on the skin in creams the percentages eaten through the diet regimen.

Bergamot has bergapten which works as a potassium channel blocker, influencing the absorption of potassium in specific nerve cells. This could cause negative effects such as hand as well as leg cramps, twitches in muscle mass, and blurred vision although bergamot taken in modest quantities is highly not likely to create any of these signs.

All-natural bergamot oil also contains natural chemicals such as bergamottin and also nearing. These all-natural compounds are discovered in other citrus fruits such as grapefruit as well as even foods that consist of Seville orange peel.

These chemicals have the ability to protect against the malfunction of specific medicines with certain enzymes in the body which suggests that some drugs are not broken down as high as they must be before they are released right into the bloodstream. This can create higher levels of medicine in the blood and also even some adverse reactions.

Some medicines which bergamot may engage with include benzodiazepines, some statins, some anti-athymic, impotence medications, and also anti-migraine medications. Although the amount of natural substances in Earl Grey is much smaller than a glass of grapefruit juice, it is worth consulting the medical professional that you can take in bergamot together with your recommended drugs.

Bergamot oil might be dangerous for kids if taken in huge amounts. There have been cases of convulsion as well as fatality in youngsters that consumed a huge quantity of bergamot. Expecting or nursing moms are likewise encouraged to stay clear of bergamot as well as it may additionally influence blood sugar control in diabetics.

Brewing Earl Grey

When developing loosened fallen leave, enable one teaspoon each per mug. With a typical black tea base, boiling water can be utilized. Add filtering system boiling (in between 200 ° F and also 212 ° F will certainly be great) water to the tea as well as entrust to brew for in between 3 and five minutes.

Some higher quality loosened Earl Grey may be made 2 or 3 times prior to dealing with. If the tea is delegated make for also long, it will end up being bitter rather than more powerful as even more tannins will be launched into the water. If you do desire a stronger brew after that, you should use much more tea.

Although Earl Grey can be drunk with milk, it is generally served black with a slice of lemon. You can sweeten with sugar, sugar, or even honey.

Black teas are typically racked steady, yet a flavored tea will certainly not last fairly as long. In between six and 12 months is usually enough time prior to your Earl Grey must be made use of or replaced.

Although it will certainly not go off, it will become stale and also begin to lose its flavor. It should be kept in an airtight container away from heat, wetness as well as light and also away from various other solid flavors such as flavors and coffees.

Black Tea and Heart Health

As Earl Grey has a black tea base from the Camellia sinensis or tea plant, it is rich in a number of antioxidants mainly the polyphenols which include their begins, epicatechins, and catechins.

Black tea is additionally a source of flavonoids, another antioxidant team. Likewise found in dark delicious chocolate, fruit, vegetables, and also merlot, the flavonoids are related to having the ability to lower a few of the threat variables for heart problems.

Consuming black tea for 3 months was able to lower triglyceride worths by 36% as well as another research shows that those consuming alcohol three cups of black tea every day had an 11% lowered threat of establishing cardiovascular disease.

Low-density lipoprotein is known as ‘bad’ as it carries cholesterol to our cells, while the high-density lipoprotein is ‘good’ as it relocates cholesterol away from cells as well as to the liver to be eliminated from the body. When LDL builds up in our bodies it is in the form of fatty plaques on the walls of our arteries which boosts the danger of cardiovascular disease or strokes. One research revealed that those that had somewhat high cholesterol levels lowered their LDL cholesterol by 11% when they consumed alcohol five portions of black tea every day.

When participants took Chinese black tea essence in another study, they had a decline in LDL degrees when contrasted to the control or placebo group.

Black tea was also able to lower systolic as well as diastolic high blood pressure in study individuals that consumed black tea 3 times a day when contrasted to the control team. Some research was not as definitive around the effect of black tea on high blood pressure, so this is a location that will certainly need more investigation.

Black tea may additionally play a role in lowering stroke danger. A testimonial of a variety of study studies revealed that those that consumed more than three mugs of black or eco-friendly tea day-to-day had a 21% decreased stroke threat contrasted to those that drank less than one mug daily.

Best Earl Grey Tea (FAQ)

There are several elements of Earl Grey tea that I might not have covered in my evaluation sections. Consequently, I will certainly be experiencing some details that you may have concerns regarding in the section below. If you still have unanswered concerns, let me recognize in the comment.

Does Earl Grey Tea Help You Sleep?

Unless you’re consuming alcohol decaf, a lot of Earl Grey tea has fairly a high degree of caffeine in it. This means that even though it has soothing impacts, Earl Grey tea can not aid you to sleep. As a result, if you’re planning to get some rest, you need to not consume Earl Grey before that.

Is Earl Grey Tea Good For High Blood Pressure?

It may appear as well excellent to be real, but drinking this special blend of black tea on a daily basis can actually decrease your high blood pressure. Nonetheless, this does not indicate that you can replace medicines and also traditional treatment with Earl Grey tea.

How Much Earl Grey Tea You Should Drink A Day?

There has actually been a report of a guy struggling with some nervous system issues when he drained to 4 liters of Earl Grey tea day-to-day. Suffice to say, most of us do not consume alcohol that much tea.

If you don’t pass this limit, in theory you need to be great. Nevertheless, listen to your body when you’re consuming alcohol tea. Despite The Fact That Earl Grey does contain L-theanine, which has a soothing impact, it is still high in caffeine. Too much intake of caffeine is never ever great for you as it will trigger you to have heartburn or caffeine accident.

Is Earl Grey Tea Healthier Than Coffee?

There’s no definite response as to whether Earl Grey tea is healthier than coffee as both drinks use different health and wellness benefits along with downsides.

Nonetheless, if you’re delicate to high doses of high levels of caffeine, or if you can’t swallow acidic drinks, after that I’d suggesting beverage Earl Grey tea. With it, you can get the power you need without dealing with indigestion, caffeine collision, or heartburn.


Although the beginnings of Earl Grey Tea remain unclear, it is really clear that its distinct taste makes it a favored for many of us. Black tea is recognized to have some benefits for our heart health and wellness, although the enhancement of the bergamot to make it a Top Earl Grey Tea can have some prospective communications with drugs. Too much intake of bergamot could likewise create some undesirable negative effects.

We wish that you have actually found this evaluation important which our reviews of the very best Earl Grey tea will assist you to choose the ideal mixture– whether you prefer a lighter-bodied drink in the mid-day or one with full-body as well as even more taste intensity for your morning cup of tea.

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