5 Best Wood For Smoking Turkey 2022 Buying Guide

Do you want your meat to taste scrumptious and also have that smoky smell that advises you of a brilliant summertime day? If of course, then smoke it!

Best Wood For Smoking Turkey

Smoking cigarettes meat is one way to leave your meat tasting as well as scenting beautiful. Throughout the background, humankind has made use of different methods to maintain food as well as make it taste better. Smoking cigarettes is one means.

You do not have to develop a fire outside or start felling trees and chopping wood to get the very same preference of smoked turkey today.

Thankfully, some grills and also smokers assist serve the same purpose. Additionally, to accomplish an also far better preference, the kind of wood utilized to smoke your meat is necessary.

A favorite of lots of, smoked turkey has its very own charm as well as tempting taste. There’s nothing far better than the taste of smoked wood that works together with all the abundant flavors and also turkey meat.

To get this mouthwatering combination, you’ll intend to pay some extra attention to the type of wood you’re utilizing. This is why we have actually created this guide with our tips for you on the best wood for smoked turkey.

There is no question that a smoked turkey is a little bit a lot more involved than the standard baked version. One perk to smoking your bird that I bet you really did not think of is that with the turkey smoking away, currently, you have your entire stove cost-free for all the thousand various other products that need to be gotten ready for this banquet!

Choosing what kind of wood you are going to use to smoke a turkey is an important choice. Fowl will certainly absorb the subtle smoke flavor throughout the entire cooking procedure.

Top 5 Best Wood For Smoking Turkey 2021 Reviews

Allow’s talk about the very best wood for smoking turkey and also the different flavors everyone will certainly provide.

1. Montana Wood Chunks Maple: Best Maple Wood for Smoking Turkey

Montana barbecuing gear smoking cigarettes and food preparation wood pieces are the best wood for smoking turkey. Even if you are a bad chef, these wood portions include deliciousness to your meat. It gives the turkey a smoky flavor. In addition, it melts warmly. This guarantees that your turkey is smoked quickly.

If you are a health and wellness aware individual (which you ought to be). The Montana cooking gear cigarette smoking, as well as cooking wood portion, are exceptional for you.

The wood chunks are 100% natural. No chemicals were applied in the healing of the wood. Therefore, you don’t need to fret that hazardous chemicals infect your food.

The wood produces a natural smoky smell that reminds you of the outdoors. It also gives your turkey a slightly pleasant taste to improve your culinary experience. To attain an also higher preference, it is best for it to be taken in your preferred choice of liquid.

  • 100% secure and also can be used straight on your grill or cigarette smoker
  • Cut in proper dimensions with really excellent quality
  • The wood portions are totally organic. There are no pesticides utilized
  • They are completely devoid of dust
  • It includes a smoky taste to your favorite foods
  • They can be used for a variety of foods from turkey to poultry to pork and veggies
  • If you have a perchance for large woodcuts, the small dimension of the chunks might place you off

2. Western Premium BBQ Products Cooking Chunks: Best Oak Wood for Smoking Turkey

Oakwood is a follower favorite. Several people that like cooking and cigarette smoking meat locate that oak wood provides a one-of-a-kind preference. Oakwood gives a medium to hefty smoking taste to your turkey as a result of the denseness of the wood.

The smoked flavor is not as well intense. Western Costs BARBEQUE Article Oak BBQ cooking portions work excellent with every kind of meat, yet especially turkey. It is much more extreme than apple and also cherry.

However, it is still lighter than other wood like hickory. The Western Costs BBQ Blog post-Oak BARBEQUE food preparation chunks can be made use of for various meats. Pork, beef, lamb, and also sausages produce a pleasant preference when smoked with this wood, also terrific for smoking chicken. The wood burns gradually, yet hotly.

Hence, it chefs your meat evenly as well as is excellent for searing. Furthermore, the thick smoke it gives off contributes to the flavor of the turkey.

The oak wood is cut into 4″ obstructs. This size permits it to fit into the smoker conveniently and also be utilized as a solitary source of warmth. Similar to the various other wood on this listing, the Western Oakwood is completely all-natural with no pesticides, and other chemicals added.

  • The Western Oakwood is dense in nature. This denseness contributes to the density of the smoke that it emits
  • The Western Oak wood burns gradually as well as can be used as the only source of heat
  • There are no pesticides included in the wood. It is 100% natural
  • Most wood is cut into consistent 4″ blocks that can fit easily into the smoker and also can be added right into the charcoal grill
  • Various size of portions

3. Big Green Egg Smoking Chips: Best Apple Wood Chips

Applewood is a medium wood that provides a fruity preference for the meat. Its thick nature makes it give off a lot of smoke which adds to the flavor of the meat. People love the light taste the wood brings to the meat.

Applewood does not just function well with turkey, yet it can be utilized on any other meat you make use of to smoke food. The wood chips are cut into small sizes. This is just one of the problems we have with the Big Environment-friendly Smoking Cigarettes Chips. Because of their dimension, they can not be utilized entirely as a source of fuel or warmth.

Big Green Egg is a well-known brand name as well as their quality is always ahead of level. These chips might deal with any type of kind of grill, does not issue is it charcoal or barbecue grill, and even electric cigarette smoker. And naturally, the brand doesn’t matter either, it works well with Weber and also Komodo Joe.

In the end, applewood is also fantastic for smoking all various other types of meat, for example for smoking ribs.

  • Applewood is terrific for turkey as well as different kinds of food
  • The medium wood produces a lot of smoke that boosts the taste of the meat
  • The bag is re-sealable. Wood will be completely dry all the time
  • The Big Eco-friendly Egg smoking cigarettes chips are a small cost
  • The wood can not be made use of as a source of warm

4. Jack Daniels Wood BBQ Smoking Chips: Best Wood Chips with New Flavor

Famous for their costs of alcoholic drinks, Jack Daniels is likewise known in BBQ circles for their wood pieces. Made from old white oak barrels, this oak wood chip is terrific for smoking cigarettes turkey. The barrels utilized to save whiskey are cut up to make these wood pieces. No wonder BARBEQUE enthusiasts especially like these oaks.

The wood pieces are cut in 1″ dimensions. These produce an extremely smoky taste that gives the turkey a perfect taste. Unlike various other wood on this listing, the Jack Daniels wood BBQ cigarette smoking chips are stored in bags made of solid, premium materials. The bags have a long shot of tearing.

This safeguards the wood from moisture and quits rot as well as damage. As a benefit, the bags are re-sealable. Therefore, they can be utilized continuously. The bags are not as heavy as they consider simply 1 1/2 extra pounds.

Considering that the wood is made of oak barrels utilized to keep bourbon, they release a subtle taste of the bourbon. When this combines with the rich flavor of turkey, it delivers a tasty flavor. Nonetheless, these wood chunks deliver a flavor that can bewilder the taste of the turkey.

Thus, they should be used sparingly. If not, it can offer a solid smoky scent. If you are such as to make use of lots of chips, it is going to be great for smoking brisket, due to the fact that it is far more challenging to overpower its very own preference.

  • The wood chunks provide a “whiskey-smoke” that boosts the taste of the turkey when blended with the all-natural taste of turkey
  • The bags are made from strong, top quality products
  • The bag can be resealed for duplicated use
  • Kind of wood which can subdue the flavor of meat– do not make use of excessive

5. Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks: Best Alder Wood for Grilling Turkey

Alder is an outstanding wood for smoking cigarettes fish and shellfish like fish. It offers a light and sweet flavor. This mild wood originating in the Northwest of the U.S.A. features a light taste that sweetens your food.

Although largely made use of to smoke seafood, it is great for turkey and various other poultry. Under cool temperatures, it sheds at tool warm.

Camerons item cigarette smoking wood portions is an alder wood that has all the excellent attributes of natural alder wood. The bag weighs about 10 pounds. However, due to the non-uniform cut of the wood, the bags might consider in a different way.

To appreciate the maximum flavor from Camerons smoking wood portions, soak the timer for 20 minutes and then melt.

  • Alder wood is excellent for seafood as well as works actually well for turkey
  • Camerons wood pieces produce a pleasant scent that is not subduing
  • It is fairly priced as well as is long-lasting
  • 100% all-natural. It does not have dust or any bark
  • The wood is reduced erratically. Some have chunks, as well as others, consist of chips which can be aggravating

Best Wood for Smoking Turkey Buyer’s Guide

The wood made use of to smoke turkey is one of the most important variables that influence how it will certainly taste as well as scent. Some woods improve the taste. Others maintain the taste. In addition, some others could bewilder the flavor of the turkey.

Each wood has an optimum quantity of warmth it can generate. Woods likewise have various rates at which they melt. In addition, they have an uncommon quantity of smoke created.

Thus, you need to know the kinds of wood made use of to smoke a turkey. Turkey is not like various other meats. It is tender and has a tendency to dry swiftly, especially if it is not well-cooked. To make sure that you can make an educated choice, this purchasing guide contains the important things you need to find out about the sorts of wood.

First, allow us to see the advantages of using wood chips or pieces in smoking turkey.

Why use wood chips?

The meat is not the sole resource of taste and also wood chips are not primarily a source of warmth. The lp gas or charcoal used provides warmth. Although some wood chips can be utilized as a single source of warmth, their primary function is to add an extra layer of flavor to your turkey. Different woods give great sampling smoked turkey.

Types of wood to use to smoke your Turkey

Before going over the very best woods for smoking turkey, you should prevent some woods. Evergreen trees create wood that is not suitable for smoking cigarettes food. As an example, wood from trees like eucalyptus, yearn, spruce, and redwood among others are not good for cigarette smoking. The resinous nature of these woods will certainly spoil your grill or smoker and transform the preference of your meat.

As a matter of fact, a few of these woods generate smoke that threatens health. You ought to likewise prevent woods that are covered with mold and mildew, fungus, or have actually been painted. Woods that have actually been chemically treated must be avoided. These woods have chemicals that will make your food preference dreadful as well as can harm your health.


We enjoy hickory because it is among one of the most functional woods for smoking cigarettes. It can be made use of to smoke anything, from chicken to beef to veggies as well as fish and shellfish. It produces smoke that has an effective flavor. With this in mind, hickory ought to be used sparingly, or combined with chips of lighter wood. Otherwise, the strong flavor can overwhelm the natural taste of your turkey and also make it bitter.

Apple Wood

Apple is a fruity wood It burns slowly. Hence, it takes a patient individual to use this wood. Apple rewards this patience with a strong, versatile flavor. Its flavor is not also solid due to the fact that it improves the actual flavor of your turkey. Because it is a light wood, blending it with a hefty wood like hickory can create wonders. It provides a sweet, light flavor. The light smoking intensity is exceptional for tender foods like chicken, fish, and turkey.

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is a fruity wood similar to applewood over. It shares many of the attributes of applewood. It is slow-burning. It is terrific when combined with larger woods like hickory or oak. It generates a sweet, fruity flavor and also often tends to leave your food with a dark brown color. It benefits fragile foods like turkey.


Oak is a fave of many BBQ enthusiasts. It is very popular in these circles. As well as for a good reason! It supplies some of the most unique flavors of smoked meat. A tool wood, it is not as hefty as hickory, neither is it as light as cherry and also apple. This assists in strikes the ideal balance between flavor and also preference. Oak provides an earthy smoke flavor however does not bewilder the flavor of the turkey. It is excellent for all types of meat. From red meat to sausages as well as poultry, oak wood is extremely versatile!


Maple is the third type of light wood in this area. Comparable to apple and cherry, it gives a light and also wonderful taste to your turkey. Unlike apple and also cherry, it does not create a great deal of smoke. It carefully leaks a pleasant flavor right into the meat. When blended with much heavier wood like oak, it improves the flavor of the turkey.


Mesquite is a rapid burning, high-temperature hefty wood. A hefty wood, it produces rather a distinct and solid taste in your turkey. Similar to hickory, it must be used sparingly or risks of making your meat preference bitter. It can be combined with lighter woods.

Flavor Profiles of Different Types of Wood

Hickory is a traditional tough wood selection for cigarette smoking turkey for numerous factors. It has a unique flavor that is robust and really onward as well as recognizes those who appreciate smoky tastes.

Maple wood releases a sweeter smoke and also can include a beautiful gold tone to anything you smoke with it.

Oak is a European timeless smoking cigarettes wood that is not often related to our indigenous bird. Oak offers an abundant, deep smoke taste that might be a little much for a turkey. That being claimed, red oak selections can give white meat like turkey a distinct reddish color that looks incredible on the dinner table. Walk carefully right here.

Cherry as well as applewood, like other fruitwood, will certainly infuse the flavor of their fruit right into your food. Fruit tree woods are especially helpful for cigarette smoking lighter meats like poultry or turkey with their even more fragile tastes. There is less danger right here to overpower your meal with way too much smoke forward flavor.

Mesquite is preferred in the southwestern states as well as provides the best of tastes. If you desire the effective onward flavors of mesquite on your bird, I advise sufficing with a milder wood to balance out the results. Excessive mesquite smoke can be frustrating.

Alder is one more wonderful choice that is conveniently offered in several areas. Alder smoke has a natural taste that is a little milder and is consequently a little bit a lot more flexible for anybody brand-new to cigarette smoking. If you find the flavors from various other hardwoods to be too strong, adding some alder will help tone it down a little bit as well as still add its own scrumptious characteristics.

Best Woods For Smoking Turkey (FAQs)

What is the best wood to use when smoking a turkey?

Turkey and also other chickens have tender meat that can soak up smoke. They also have an all-natural taste that lots of discovering tasty. Therefore, when picking the wood to use to smoke a turkey, it is wise to make use of wood that will certainly not subdue the natural flavor of turkey.

To accomplish fantastic sampling turkey, make use of light wood. This consists of woods like cherry wood and apple.

Some BBQ fans as well as experts also like to try out different woods. They mix various woods to generate a one-of-a-kind, yet sweet flavor. One of the most prominent mixes is maple as well as plum.

Is Pecan wood good for smoking Turkey?

Pecan generates a stronger flavor than woods like an apple but is weak than thick woods like hickory. Thus, it is great for turkey and also one of the best woods for smoking cigarettes turkey. Pecan benefits cigarette smoking nearly anything, but with turkey, it makes it taste astonishingly tasty.

Is oak good for smoking Turkey?

The nearly ideal balance in between the smoke and also flavor makes oak good for smoking turkey. It even tastes much better with flavored oaks like the Jack Daniels wood chips. These oaks chips are from barrels of aged scotch. It adds a sweet, “whiskey-smoke” taste to your turkey.

Is Cherry wood good for smoking Turkey?

Cherry wood is a fruit tree wood. As a result, it generates a fruity and wonderful smoke that boosts the all-natural flavor of turkey as well as other chicken. To obtain an also far better taste, integrate cherry wood with dense woods like pecan. The result may leave you astonished.

How long does it take to smoke a turkey?

It depends upon the warmth applied and the size of the turkey. A basic general rule is that it takes 30-40 mins per extra pound. Nevertheless, this is no set guideline. A totally smoked turkey or chicken should have an internal temperature level of 165 levels. If the bust temperature level exceeds this, then the turkey is overcooked.

How do you prepare a turkey for smoking?

Smoking a turkey is rather straightforward. Right here are the actions required.

Get your turkey

It could be fresh or frozen. The very best turkeys are fresh ones. Nonetheless, if that is inaccessible, obtain an icy turkey that has been minimally refined. Prior to bringing it, make certain it has entirely defrosted out.

Prepare the turkey

Remove it within and remove the skin from the breast. If this refrains, the brine will not get to the white meat.

Prepare your brine solution and immerse the turkey

When brined, the turkey maintains its flavor. Guarantee all the parts of the turkey are brined.

Wash and drain your turkey

After getting rid of the brine solution, completely clean the turkey in water, preferably in chilly running water. After thorough washing, drain pipes the turkey of dampness, both inside and out.


Curing the turkey indicates leaving it in a fridge for half a day or a day. This will certainly let the brine and also salt to penetrate the meat equally.

Spice the turkey

This is a fun part. Include a selection of spices to make your turkey taste good. Spread the herbs and also spices on every part of the turkey as well as let it soak these in.


Prepare your smoker as well as let it get to at the very least 220 degrees before putting the turkey. Depending on your selection, include wood chips to add flavor.

Best Woods For Smoking Turkey Conclusion

Smoking turkey can be an enjoyable experience. There are lots of producers of smoking wood. Nonetheless, the woods noted above are the very best woods suited for your requirements.

With each of the items having various tastes, it is currently up to you to determine which one suits your preference (word play here intended). Bear in mind the various qualities of wood (melt time, denseness, smokiness, and also taste) will impact the eventual taste and taste of your turkey.

Consequently, pick sensibly as well as enjoy the best wood for smoke turkey you’ve ever made!

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