How Much Do Eggs Cost at Costco?

If you’re wondering how much eggs cost at Costco, then this post is for you. In this post, I will break down the prices of different types of eggs and show you how to get a great deal on your next purchase. Eggs are an essential ingredient in many recipes, so it’s important to know where to find them for a good price!

In this post, we’ll address the question “How much do eggs cost at Costco?” as well as why eggs are costly in Costco.

Due to new laws that demand the eggs come from humane breeding sources, must be organic and GMO-free, Costco’s eggs are rather costly.

This legislation results in a price increase of up to 5 dollars per two dozen eggs at Costco, depending on where you buy your eggs.

Following the recent price increase, one of the main reasons was to shift toward cage-free egg production. Costco has previously been critiqued for animal cruelty, but people are now praising them for their new cage-free policy.

This development has been characterized by some nonprofit organizations as a “landmark decision.”

“Costco’s decision will save millions of animals from spending their entire lives in cages that are so small they can barely turn around. We commend Costco for being the first major retailer to address this crucial animal welfare and food safety problem throughout its worldwide supply chain,” Tuxford added.

What happened to eggs at Costco?

In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that there are fewer eggs at Costco. There used to be a carton of eggs and now it’s just one half-dozen egg container on the end of an aisle. When I asked about this change, the woman who works in food service said “We’re no longer stocking them.” This has me wondering if there is some new law or regulation that affects how Costco stocks their produce.

In 2020, Costco intended to limit its egg offerings to only cage-free eggs that are also organic.

This was done to improve the egg’s health and nutrition for the customer, but in today’s world, when everything is hybrid or genetically modified for the benefit of mankind, this choice comes at a price.

At Costco, over 95% of eggs were already cage-free, but the eggs from other countries were not. For example, chicken raised on inorganic feed came from China.

In China, a business on the mainland of China has decided to rear 50,000 cage-free hens in order to produce organic and nutritious eggs.

But it is also predicted that this change will take several years, and Costco must search for a new egg supplier nation.

If you are a customer and can eat eggs in addition to other foods, there are many alternatives available. According to a poll, grocery stores, in general, can sell eggs at significantly lower prices than Costco.

You may save up to 50 cents per dozen on groceries or get larger 24 eggs for the cost of two dozen regular eggs at Costco. 

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics Data, the cost of 12 eggs is about 1.33 dollars, but if you want organic and cage-free eggs, you’ll have to pay around 2.5 dollars each dozen.

Why do you need a price list?

There are many alternative labels on eggs, such as all-natural, fair trade, GMO-free, and “cage-free” at Costco, but almost all of them have the term “cage-free.”
The term “cage-free” refers to a chicken that was not imprisoned in a cage throughout its existence, which is animal abuse and each laying hen has at least 120 square inches of farm to wander, eat, and lay eggs.
Costco is doing an excellent job when it comes to cage-free eggs, and they are typically supplied in nearly all of the nations where Costco operates.


Costco has a reputation for being the best place to buy eggs in bulk. But, do their prices really compete with other grocery stores? When comparing egg prices from various locations, it seems that there are many cheaper options than going directly to Costco.

For example, Walmart sells an 18 pack of Grade A large brown eggs priced at $2.48 per dozen and Target offers a 12-pack box of Grade AA Large Brown Eggs for just $3.49 per dozen – both much lower than what you’ll find at your local Costco store or on their website! So when considering where to buy eggs this week, be sure to check out these great alternative places first before heading over to your nearest warehouse club.

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